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Turkey in Asia Antique Map Tanner 1836

Turkey in Asia
Year Printed:
Paper Size:
16 in. x 12 in.
Turkey in Asia Historic Map Tanner 1836
Turkey in Asia Historical Map Tanner 1836
Turkey in Asia Old Map Tanner 1836
Turkey in Asia Rare Map Tanner 1836
Turkey in Asia Vintage Map Tanner 1836
Turkey in Asia Collectors Map Tanner 1836
Price: $149.99
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Product Description

This original antique map of Turkey in Asia comes from the 1st edition of the New Universal Atlas, containing maps of the various Empires, Kingdoms, States and Republics of the World by H.S. Tanner. The New Universal Atlas was published by the author in 1836 at Philadelphia USA. The maps from this 1st edition of Tanner's Universal Atlas of 1836 are getting more scarce and hard to find, especially in this very good condition. This fine and rare vintage map of Turkey in Asia details the geography and history of Turkey in Asia at that time. This old map of Turkey in Asia is hand colored, printed on strong paper using engraved copper plates and the paper size is approximately 16" x 12". This antique map of Turkey in Asia is printed on one side only with a blank verso or backside. The fine work of Tanner is well known in the period and would make a nice addition to any collection or Turkey in Asia antique map gift. This map ships with a beautiful certificate of authenticity suitable for display with no pricing information, great for gifting. Also, a copy of the title and contents page from the atlas.