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Niagara County New York Antique Map Burr 1829

County of Niagara
Year Printed:
New York
Paper Size:
22 in. x 16 in.
Niagara County New York Decor Map Burr 1829
Niagara County New York History Gift Map Burr 1829
Niagara County New York Housewarming Gift Map Burr 1829
Niagara County New York Anniversary Gift Map Burr 1829
Niagara County New York Landowner Map Burr 1829
Niagara County New York Genealogy Map Burr 1829
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Product Description

Original antique map of Niagara County New York. This authentic vintage map of Niagara County New York comes from David Burr's Atlas of the State of New York 1829 1st edition. Engraved by Rawdon Wright & Co. in New York. This was only the second official State atlas following Mill's atlas of South Carolina in 1825. Included with this map on a separate sheet is the text information page that went with the map. All sorts of detailed demographic information about the area as of 1829 such as population, value of real property, and much more...fascinating. Beautifully hand colored, this important historic map of Niagara County shows the important roads, waterways and towns during the time of the Empire States economic heyday just after the completion of the Erie Canal. Printed with engraved copper plates, hand colored on sturdy paper, this old map of Niagara County would make a fine addition to any New York State history collection as well as for stunning framed display. This map does have some damp staining primarily in the blank margins as shown, the map will still frame very nicely. This map is getting harder to find especially from the rare 1st edition of 1829. David H. Burr, born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1803, would eventually become one of the most important cartographers in America. Burr published the Atlas of the State of New York in 1829. Burr was tapped to take a position as the official topographer for the United States Post Office Department in 1832. During this time he maintained maps of postal routes that included roads, railways, and canals and somehow he also found time to create the New Universal Atlas, published in 1835. After collaborating on the American Atlas with John Arrowsmith in London in 1838, Burr returned to the U.S. and was appointed to the House of Representatives as a draftsman.