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  • Mispillion Delaware Antique Map Beers 1868

Mispillion Delaware Antique Map Beers 1868

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16 in. x 14 in.
Mispillion Delaware Hundreds Map Beers 1868
Mispillion Delaware Decor Ideas Map Beers 1868
Mispillion Delaware Landowner Map Beers 1868
Mispillion Delaware Ancestry Genealogy Map Beers 1868
Mispillion Delaware Housewarming Gift Map Beers 1868
Mispillion Delaware History Gift Map Beers 1868
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Vintage antique map of Mispillion Delaware. This one of a kind authentic historic map of Mispillion Delaware comes from the hard to find Beers Atlas of the State of Delaware. This map is also know as a Delaware Hundreds Map. Published by Pomeroy and Beers at Philadelphia in 1868. This old map of Mispillion Delaware is printed on one side only with a blank verso or backside with very nice hand coloring. This historical cadastral map of Mispillion Delaware shows many of the landowners and businesses in Mispillion Delaware at the time. A very important piece of Mispillion Delaware history just after the American Civil War. A beautiful map for Mispillion Delaware decor, gifts or collection. "Hundreds" is a geographic division, smaller than counties and roughly equivalent to the division "townships" in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Delaware is the only state which currently uses this division. There are thirty-three hundreds today. The most recent changes to hundreds were in the 1870s when the last two were established: Gumboro in 1873 and Blackbird in 1875. Prior to the 1960s, hundreds were used as voting districts and as units for reporting taxes. The remaining use of hundreds today is in property tax assessments (tax parcel numbers are assigned by hundreds). The use of hundreds in America dates back to colonial days. Hundreds were used as a sub-county division in England and were introduced in some of the British colonies. For Delaware, the origin is cited as a letter written in 1682 by William Penn, the newly-appointed Lord Proprietor of the province of Pennsylvania and the counties on the Delaware. Penn directed that from this point onward, settlements be divided into sections of 100 families. The first use of the term Hundred in official records relating to the Delaware colony dates to 1687, when reference is made to "a list of taxables of north side of Duck Creek Hundred." (from the New Castle County court records, Returns of the Constables, as cited in Scharf, p. 611f). ref. The Delaware Geological Survey.