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Germany No. 3 Vintage Map Colton 1856

Germany No. 3
Year Printed:
New York
Paper Size:
19 in. x 16 in.
Germany No. 3 Antique Map Colton 1856
Germany No. 3 Old Map Colton 1856
Germany No. 3 Historic Map Colton 1856
Germany No. 3 Decor Map Colton 1856
Germany No. 3 Genealogy Map Colton 1856
Germany No. 3 Gift Map Colton 1856
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Product Description

Southern Germany antique map. This genuine original vintage map of Southern Germany comes from Colton's Atlas of the World of 1856. This is the second edition of Colton's famous World Atlases. Published in New York by J.H. Colton & Company no. 172 William, Corner Beekman St. This two volume atlas was put out one year after the first edition of 1855. The first volume covered North and South America while the second volume covered the rest of the world. This historic old map of Southern Germany has a blank verso or back side and beautiful coloring on sturdy paper, however it does have a bit of overcasting near the top of the map as shown. This historical map of Southern Germany is truly a fine piece of history just prior to the American Civil War. This rare antique map of Southern Germany would make a nice addition to any Southern Germany history collection, Southern Germany decor or unique Southern Germany housewarming gift.