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Alabama Vintage Map Mitchell 1847

Year Printed:
Paper Size:
17 in. x 14 in.
Alabama Home Decor Map Mitchell 1847
Alabama History Buff Gift Map Mitchell 1847
Alabama Ancestry Heritage Gift Map Mitchell 1847
Alabama Housewarming Gift Map Mitchell 1847
Alabama First Anniversary Gift Map Mitchell 1847
Alabama Gift Map Mitchell 1847
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This one of a kind original antique map of Alabama comes from S.A. Mitchell's Universal Atlas of 1847. This is the second edition of Mitchell's famous Universal Atlas the first being published in 1846. Mitchell had acquired the rights to the Universal Atlas in 1845 from H. Tanner who first published it in 1836. This authentic vintage map of Alabama was Published on the N.E. Corner of Market and 7th St. Philadelphia in 1847. This rare map of Alabama has a blank verso or back side, was printed using engraved plates and has beautiful hand coloring on sturdy paper. This old map of Alabama is truly a fine piece of history from the mid 1800's. This historic map of Alabama would make a fine addition to any collection, Alabama wall decor or gift. The total paper size for this map is approximately 17" x 14". Samuel Augustus Mitchell is credited with being a prominent and prolific U.S. publisher of maps and atlases starting in the early 1800s and continuing for over 20 years before selling the rights to many of his works and inspiring his son, Samuel Augustus Mitchell, Jr. to follow in his footsteps. Their publishing businesses together spanned over 50 years during the 19th century. The elder Samuel Augustus Mitchell was born in 1792 in Bristol, CT to a Scottish immigrant family. The story goes that he first became interested in the subject of cartography during his early years in school, but was so disappointed by the maps included in his textbooks that he vowed to improve on them by publishing superior works, and indeed, he would create school editions later in life.