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Proud member of The International Map Collector's Society
Proud member of The International Map Collector's Society
Proud member of The Washington Map Society
Proud member of The Washington Map Society

Welcome to Pine Brook Antique Maps

Hold history in your hands

Capture a piece of the past with an antique map preserved so that you may experience and enjoy our world’s geographical history on paper. We are a leading online antique map dealer of rare, historical and vintage maps to collectors, historians, educators and history buffs all over the world.

At Pine Brook Antique Maps, we believe that maps represent the past on paper.

Antique, vintage and historical maps give us a sense of where we’ve been and how we got here. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of one-of-a-kind maps, some of which are irreplaceable and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

We also offer:

  • Maps with a worldwide scope from African antique maps to vintage maps of Europe to old North American maps (including maps of the Caribbean Islands, U.S. cities like Boston and states like Florida and Texas);
  • Vintage, antique and old maps;
  • E-mail notifications of our most recent map acquisitions;
  • Flat-rate shipping on all map purchases (one rate ships unlimited maps); Free to the USA!
  • Total (100%) satisfaction guarantee and the ability to return any map item within seven (7) days for any reason;
  • All map purchases shipped within the USA are fully insured for the purchase price at no extra cost.
  • High resolution zoom-able online antique map images so you can explore our maps before you buy.
  • Each historical map we offer is bona fide, one-of-a-kind original cartography. We do not buy or sell reproductions. We ship your map purchase with a Certificate of Authenticity and, whenever possible, a copy of an atlas title page that authenticates that map’s origin.

Educate, decorate, gift or collect

A vintage map is a unique conversation piece. It's ideal for home decor. Educators, librarians and museum curators often seek out our historic maps. History buffs and map lovers frequently find unusual treasures here, too, and many people enjoy gifting friends or family with ancestral maps that represent their roots and personal history.

Online antique map store with the lowest prices

Because our business is an Internet-based virtual store, we are able to maintain low overhead costs and transfer those savings to our customers looking for a fair deal on a wide range of maps of interest. Our online map store allows us to give our customers reasonable pricing for our one-of-a-kind vintage and antique maps.

Our commitment

Feel free to browse our site and explore the many historic maps for sale, whether for you, your map collection, your map-collecting loved one or your organization’s archives. We guarantee your satisfaction, so there’s no risk involved. At Pine Brook Antique Maps, we want you to treasure and enjoy the beautiful, unique maps you purchase from us. We invite you to learn for yourself why we say this is the place where art and cartography meet.